You are welcome for consultation in my modern private practice in Vilvoorde
I shall take the needed time to listen to you and examine you using the most recent equipement
You will also enjoy a relax environnement and privacy, away from the business of the hospital

Technical examinations
I can offer you the following services:

ECG or electrocardiogram
A registration of the spontaneous electrical activity of your heart, which gives information about:

  • Heart frequency
  • arythmia
  • heart infarct
  • heart chamber enlargement
  • some genetically based heart diseases
  • etc…

Litterally shows your heart. We can see :

  • how the heart muscle works
  • how the valves work
  • if there is any chamber enlargement
  • if there is any abnormal communication
  • etc…

Stress test
Here we monitor your ECG during a controlled physical exertion on a cycloergometer (bicycle).
Doing so we can detect eventual coronary disease and / or some type of arythmia
We also mesure your physical condition

Holter ECG
This little portable system registers your ECG continiously during 24 hours and eventually up to 7 days
This is particularly usefull for intermittent palpitations
After the recording, the data are analysed in order to come to a diagnosis

Holter BP – blood pressure
This portable system registers your blood pressure during 24 hours
Depending on the results of your blood pressure or BP-profile an eventual treatment can be initiated or adapted

Holter ECG + BP
The combination of ECG and BP Holter within 1 portable system

Pacemaker / Defibrillator controle
I dispose of the needed equipement to controle and follow-up the pacemakers and defibrillators of all the major compagnies

Follow-up during and after hospitalisation
Following a consultation, a hospitalisation is sometimes requested for instance to implant a pacemaker or have a diagnostic coronarography (film of your coronary arteries)

I can propose you a hospitalisation in AZ Jan Portaels where, as a staff member, I will personnally follow you. I am also consultant in UZ Brussel, so that I can arrange a hospitalisation there when universitary expertise is needed

Examinations for Insurances
I am accredited by all the major banks and insurance companies for performing examinations
related to mortgages, life insurances
These are one-stop examinations at my practice, including blood and urine sample if needed

Preventive check-ups
I am accreditated by many banks, companies and organisations for preventive check-ups